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Megaupload Downloader allows users to download free files from the Internet
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Megaupload Downloader is a tool that allows users to download files from free file hosting servers on the Internet. It is designed to eliminate unwanted pop-ups and advertisements that are sometimes automatically attached to downloadable files, making file transfer a clean and secure process.

The menu is quite simple, allowing users to import download links manually, which are then displayed in a list on the main screen. For each download link, the tool will display an information sheet located on the right side of the main screen. Therefore, the user will be able to view such pieces of information as the link state, the download progress, the download speed, the download time left and the time elapsed, as well as the errors detected in the download process.

The toolbar which appears above the display screen will allow users to manage active downloads manually. They will be able to start, pause or stop the download or delete links from the download list. They will also be able to rename the files they download, provided that this option is activated from the Options panel. Moreover, the tool will start a download automatically within a specific period of time set by the user whenever the download process has not been a successful one at the first go-off.

All in all, Megaupload Downloader is a useful tool for the management of files that users wish to transfer on their computers. It can be used by less experienced users as well because it offers an intuitive interface and reliable functions.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Captcha breaker
  • Multiple languages available


  • Downloads take rather a long time to finish
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